Through my work as a figurative painter, I explore form with line, light, shadow, and most importantly, color. Color infuses energy. It gets an emotional reaction. It’s a crazy quilt of warm and cool, and a visual feast of scarlet, cobalt and tangerine. In my work, the subject is second fiddle, while color is the star.


While I usually start with an image, my process is very intuitive. I “feel” my paintings. My work starts from an instinctive place that leads me to choose these wild concoctions. Later, as the piece progresses, the more technical decisions of where to place colors in juxtaposition creeps in.


Beyond the vibrance of color, finding the elusive junction where drawing and painting intersect is my ultimate goal. I want to capture breath and movement, which is why horses and dogs are amongst my favorite subject matter.


The world is a visual place with moments every day to see something of beauty. From my bulky first Yashica SLR to the current freedom of my tiny iphone, I try an capture at least one of those moments daily. The use of light, composition, shape, color (or absence thereof) are the same tools required in painting and frequently, my photos are the basis for a my work in oil. 


In third grade, my art education formally began when I attended Saturday morning classes at the Carnegie Museum. My studies culminated with a BFA from Carnegie Mellon University. From Pittsburgh, I moved on to Boston to be a graphic designer and finally landed in New York City as an art director and copywriter in several advertising agencies. Today, I have come back full circle and am back exclusively to fine arts.  For more information or inquiries, please contact me.


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