My artistic mind is split into two similar directions that have two different means of expression: Painting and Photography.


As a figurative painter, my work is narrative. Drawing is its foundation. The figure lies at it’s heart. Color plays an essential role. Animals are often my muse. Line is essential. I work quickly and spontaneously to imbue the life into life drawing”.

Recently my focus has been on the totem concept. It is grounded in the natural world and then goes beyond into the spiritual including shamanistic and Western religious iconography. Elements of earth, sky, water, are a major theme. In our lives focused on technology and ignoring the devastating effects of climate change, it’s critical that we reestablish our connection to nature.

My photography on the other hand, uses the same building blocks of composition, lights, darks and in-between tones to create mood. Then it veers off onto a more abstract path. It typically uses a limited palette. The subject matter is landscape. Lake Monet in his garden, for the past seven years, I have been focusing on one particular place, exploring the effects of the elements: weather, and light to create Zen-like meditations on the physical world. Viewers often comment that my photographs look like paintings.





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